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BUSINESS MEMBER SERVICES and BENEFITS: The ReferLife C0-Operative has a strong desire to improve your health, your welth and so much more. Start FREE and enjoy savings when you make purchases from your online store. Earn commissions when you share your referral link and it leads to a product purchase. Your FREE Consumer Benefits await you in your back office and know that benefits can be added at any time. The ReferLife Co-Op is the perfect home for our members to access products, services, benefits and so much more. You will LOVE your ReferLife Membership.

QUALITY PRODUCTS and SERVICES: Members have access to quality, advanced science and technology products and services that can enhance and improve your health and your life. With our partners we bring the best information, technology and science to our membership so they can make astute health decisions. We are here to help you find what you want and need as well as to help you save money.

GUARANTEED SAVINGS and EARNINGS: Members receive Co-Op Rebates on personal purchases saving them money to their Co-Op eWallet. Members can also earn commissions just for registering, however, you will earn more if you share your referral website with others. Funds are direct to your back office ewallet account.

RISK FREE: There is no cost to register and start saving and earning with ReferLife Co-Operative today. There is NO RISK to you because the platform has been designed for you and made available for your success.

REAL MEMBER REWARDS: On registration you will receive access to your Consumer Member Benefits.
They are FREE and yours to enjoy and use to improve your life. Benefits will continue to grow and bring added value to each and every level and member.

CO-OP EXCLUSIVES: Special offers will be available to members offering special prices on special items.
This will provide unique products, services and offers for members additionally.

ROBUST BACK OFFICE: Your back office is your control center. It will track all your activity and all your transactions. You will know everything about your Co-Op membership and our growth.


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Team Work is simply the best approach to competing against the giants in the marketplace. With many small businesses trying hard to compete and survive fighting for the ever shrinking disposable income of consumers it is time to fight back and gain ground on those who want it all for themselves. We can create a way to deliver more information through our Co-Operative Wellness Network. This will bring more value and validity to our products and services. It will help to spread the messages of all members of the Co-Op Community and that means more potential for business. It actually is a great plan and program.
IF you are in the natural or alternative health and wellness business and would like to reach more potential clients we can help. With our connection to people who are already in the wellness field this automatically opens the door to people who already will be interested to know about your product or service. As they share with others you are automatically being promoted throughout the ReferLife Wellness Network to businesses and their customers. Here we also provide a means for you to earn a consistent and growing retail and residusl income as part of the Co-Operatibe Wellness Network. Get all the details and do not miss out on this opportunity to improve your business and your lifestyle.

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ReferLife, Bod-e-Tune Wellness and Xpress Marketing are all related companies. Xpress Marketing is the parent company with Bod-e-Tune Wellness as the retail location and ReferLife is the online and direct marketing arm. Together products are searched, researched and made available. With the ability to offer many products to the consumer directly as well as indirectly we want to bring this life changing information, products and services that help maintain health to as many people as possible. Many of our wellness items are displayed on this services page and as our partners join our co-operative wellness network they are offered the opportunity to sell our products and earn additional commissions for their business. It is a simple but effective approach to broadening our customer base by partnering with others in the wellness industry who offer products and services that are along the same natural wellness models but where there is no direct competition but there is truly benefits that help to improve their business.
The ReferLife Wellness Co-Operative is established to help promote not just our products and services, it is also able to promote the products and services of our business partners. Here it allows our partners to create ads for themselves that will allow anyone who visits the ReferLife site to find their ad and become a potential customer. Additionally there will be Youtube programs and webinars that will allow business partners to come tell their stories about the effectiveness of their products or service. this is truly teamwork when someone wants to help you build your business while building their own.
Anyone... Yes that is correct, anyone who has a desire to have a part-time or full-time business dealing with helping people with their health can start their business with ReferLife. Imagine that for a small monthly fee you are in business for yourself but not by yourself as we do the telling about all our great products and you collect commissions by guiding people to get the information that we put out. Yes it is that simple to collect commission that can actually equal your job income and maybe even more. get the details and get registered and start earning right away.


ReferLife Co-Operative Created For All

It is a long known fact that Nutrition and Detox are very important maintenance requirements for our bodies. We need to have the right nutrition to feed our bodies the minimum 90 essential nutrients needed to maintain good health. Additionally we need to clean the body of chemicals etc that impeads our wellness.

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Energy healing from Salt Lamps and Natural Stones< can be beneficial to some people especially if you are energy sensitive. For some people with breathing issues or allergies adding a salt lamp to bedroom helps to condition the air making it a better environment for sleeping, breathing and healing.

Together We Can Change Lives

Mother Nature's Safest Cleanse, Diatomaceous Earth is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to treat your body to some natural wellness. Diatomaceous Earth scrubs and cleans your digestive system. it kills bacteria, parasites and more. It removes toxins such as chemicals, heavy metals and more.

Better Health, Less Debt, More Freedom

More health naturally with Natural Soaps and Butters. When it comes to what we put on our body it is almost as important as what we put into our body. The use of traditional commercial shampoos, toothpastes, soaps and creams are under scrutiny because of the chemicals that may be in them. Use natural.

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Mother Nature's Safest Cleanse, Diatomaceous Earth is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to treat your body to some natural wellness. Diatomaceous Earth scrubs and cleans your digestive system. it kills bacteria, parasites and more. It removes toxins such as chemicals, heavy metals and more.

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Replacing what has been depleted naturally. New-U-Life HGH Gel SomaDerm Gel is the only transdermal product containing a proprietary blend of key homeopathic ingredients and powerful nutraceuticals that may increase natural growth hormone